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LIVESTREAM: Exit Zagré na pijnlijke smak, Belgian Tornados en Cheetahs gaan naar de finales van de 4x400 meter | WK atletiek

Live Broadcast: What can a cheetah and a Belgian Hurricane do at 4 x 400m and what height can Ben Broders jump at? | World Athletics Championships

The curtain on the IAAF World Championships Finals in Eugene is nearing, but there was still plenty in store for last night’s session. The Belgian Tornado and the Panthers can finish the World Cup tonight in the 4x400m final and in the pole vault final Ben Broders defends the Belgian honor. In addition, the last world titles in the long jump were awarded, the women’s 800m and 110m hurdles and the men’s 5000m. You can follow everything here via live broadcasts and text updates.

Belgians on day 10
hour m / f discipline Noun result
2:25 am M Pole Vault: Final Ben Brothers
04.35 am M 4x400m: Final Belgian tornado
04.50 am Fifth 4x400m: Final Belgian Panthers

  1. 03 hours 48. Mayer heads for gold? In the decathlon, the javelin is over and after 9 parts we have a new leader: Kevin Meyer. He takes the lead from Pierce Lepage, who stopped at 57.52 metres. In addition, Mayer is a better runner than Lepage. So the gold is on hand at the close of 1500 metres. .
  2. Time 03:47. Mihambo is in the lead. Mihambo takes the lead in an exciting high-profile long jump final. The defending champion jumps 7.09 meters. .
  3. 03 hours 46. No medal for brothers. Ben Broders secretly cherished his medal hopes, but he also failed on his third attempt at 5.80m and ends up in 11th and penultimate place. .
  4. 03 hours 42. One change on Hurricanes and Leopards. We are already looking forward to the 4x400m finals, with the World Cup wrapping up. With Belgian Tornados and Belgian Panthers. In the Tornado, as expected, there is one alternative: Alexander Dom replaces Jonathan Sakor. The other contestants are Dylan Burleigh, Julian Wattrin, and of course, Kevin Burleigh. At Cheetahs, Naomi Van den Broeck was replaced by Paulien Couckuyt. Emki Verfait, Helena Bonet and Camille Luce complete the team. .
  5. 03 h 37. Mo lives up to the favorite role. Athing Mu lived up to expectations and became the first American ever to win gold in the 800m. She appears to be winning with her fingers as she accelerates on the second lap, but struggles at the end in a row. Keely Hodgkinson makes things really tough for Mu, but Mu only holds and won at 1’56” 30. Hodgkinson is second at 1’56” 38. Bronze went to Kenya’s Mary Mora. .
  6. 03 hours 33. Does Mo write American history? The home crowd has begun to move back and forth on their seats, as the women’s 800m final is coming up, and American Athing Mu is the frontrunner. The Olympic champion will compete with Britain’s Kelly Hodgkinson and compatriot Raven Rogers, who won silver and bronze respectively at the Tokyo Games behind Mo. Mo was then the second American to win an Olympic gold in the 800m, and soon could become the first American to win a world title on the double track tour. Halima Nkaye shouldn’t be afraid of them, the Ugandan defending champion was eliminated in the semi-finals. .
  7. 03:32 Mihambo escapes justice. Mehambo does not break under pressure. On her third attempt, she can avoid another zero jump and thus stay in the competition. Moreover, she immediately took second place with a height of 6.98 meters. .
  8. 03 hours 31. Broome 7 meters away. Will it be Nigerian Athletes’ Night? Ese Brume leads the long jump with a 7.02m jump. .
  9. 3:30 a.m. Brothers under pressure. The brothers need a third attempt with a height of 5.80 metres. So it will be exciting again for our compatriot. His Belgian record is 5.85 metres. .
  10. 03 hours 26. Mihambo is in trouble. Malaika Mihambo in sloppy long jump sheets. The Olympic champion is already two clear leaps behind & nbsp; her name. Are we heading for a sudden exit? .
  11. 03 hours 25. Brothers about 5.70 meters. At 5.55m, Ben Broders needed three tries, but at 5.70m, it went much smoother. On his first attempt, our compatriot had already bypassed it. .
  12. 03 hours 20. Ingebrigtsen achieved his first world title! Jacob Ingbrigtsen gets his love. After a disappointing silver medal in the 1500m, he took the gold in the 5000m, his first world title. The Norwegian enters the last lap as the leader and then picks up the pace. The rest must be left out, Ingebrigtsen wins by a narrow margin in 13’09” 24. Kenya’s Jacob Krupp wins silver, bronze from Ugandan Oscar Chelemo.
  13. 03 hours 03. This may be an overwhelming conclusion. Everyone against Jacob Ingbrigtsen, it seems. Mark Williams.
  14. 03 hours 03. Can Ingebrigtsen succeed at 5000 metres? We are preparing for the men’s 5,000m final, with no less than three Olympic champions at the start: Norway’s Jacob Ingbrigtsen won the gold in Tokyo in the 1500m, Ethiopia’s Selimon Bariga was the best there in the 10,000m and Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei in the 5,000m. Add to that defending champion Mokhtar Idris and Kenyan duo Nicholas Kipkorier and Jacob Krupp, the fastest men this season. For Ingebrigtsen, this is a reset. The Norwegian was surprisingly defeated in the World Cup finals in the 1500 meters by Britain’s Jake Whiteman. .
  15. 03 hours 02. Surprise in the long jump. Brazil’s Leticia Oro Melo jumped 6.89 meters and took the lead. .
  16. 03 hours. Mihambo starts with a zero jump. Marina Beach Romantsjok is currently leading the dance with a jump of 6.79 metres. .
  17. 02 hours 47. 4 in a row for Mihambo? Athletes prepare for the long jump final. & nbsp; Malaika Mihambo is the favorite out there. The German won the European title in 2018, and won the gold medal in the previous World Cup in Doha, and also won the Olympic Games in Tokyo last summer. Will you complete the great list in Howard Field? .
  18. Time 02 46. Whew, Broeders passed 5.55 meters on the third attempt.

    Phew, Brothers crossed 5.55 meters on the third attempt

  19. 02 hours 45. Brothers about it! Brethren rest. On his third attempt, he crossed 5.55 metres. He certainly does not finish in this final and goes to the next height of 5.70 metres. .
  20. 02 h 44. It’s already over for Mino Flon in the pole vault final. He also missed his third attempt at a distance of 5.55 metres. .
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