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Live: Rohan Dennis blows everyone up front, Ilan Van Wilder VII |  Romani tour 2021

Live: Rohan Dennis blows everyone up front, Ilan Van Wilder VII | Romani tour 2021

Traditionally, the Tour de Romandie opens with a short front (4 km). The line is at an altitude of 880 meters, with a slope of 7.6%. The participant field is densely planted with authentic test cannons such as Dennis, Ganna, Küng and Cavagna. It is the land of coffee watching them deal with this latest climb

Temporary classification:

  1. Rohan Denise 5’27 ”
  2. Stefan Besiger 5’38 ”
  3. Jan Tratnik 5’39 ”
  4. Jesus Harada 5’40 ”
  5. Mattia Cattaneo 5’41 ”
  6. Wilko Kilderman 5’42 ”
  7. Ilan Van Wilder 5’42 ”
  8. Stefan Kong 5’43 ”

Belgians start times – follow it live here from 15:00

3:01 pm – Jan Bakilantes (Intermarshi-Ante-Joubert)
15.05 – Philip Gilbert (Lotto Soudal)
3.18 p.m. – Iligo Casey (Dikkonink Quick Step)
3.25 pm – Kobe Goossens (Lotto – Soudal)
3:38 pm – Dries Devenyns (Deceuninck-Quick Step)
3.45 pm – gerben tejsen (lotto – sodal)
4.33 PM – Ilan Van Wilder (DSM Team)
16.08 Uur – Sander Army (Qhubeka-ASSOS)
4:25 pm – Steve Krass (Lotto – Soudal)
4.32 pm – Lawrence Neissen (AG2R-Citroën)
5.15 pm – Jordi Mius (Bora Hansgrohe)

  1. 4 pm 31. Fromm does not arrive until 80. FYI: 88 passengers have arrived. This is not a good start for a man from the nascent state of Israel. .
  2. 4 PM 26. Vroem vroem Froome. Chris Fromm also embarked on his adventure against the clock. After his heavy crash while polling the Dauphin’s Time Trial, the former tour winner has yet to find his best form. Can he take more steps in the right direction in Romandy? .
  3. 4 pm 24. Rohan Denise blows everyone off. Rohan Dennis is no less than 11 seconds (4 km) faster than Besiger and knocks the Swiss off the top scaffold. .
  4. 4 pm 17. There goes Denise. Bessiger sees one of the main competitors riding his bike. Rohan Denis, Ineos’ first experimental weapon, is ready for Swiss Time Search. The Australian did not become the world champion in the trials not once, but twice. & Nbsp; .
  5. 4 pm 14. Hello Peter Sagan. Do not drop the apple far from the tree with the sag. Marlon Sagan showed his father and three-time world champion Peter Sagan how to do it this morning. Check out this 3-year-old’s descending skills below:
  6. 16 hours 12.
  7. 4 pm 08. Van Wilder V! Ilan Van Wilder instantly boosted his taxonomic dreams with a powerful experiment of time. DSM’s little mountain goat took fifth place. .
  8. 4 pm 06. Van Wilder pauses third. Van Wilder takes off from the first blocks. It comes through the third place in the intermediate point. Can our citizen continue this line up? .
  9. 16 hours 03.
  10. 15 Hours 56. Van Wilder grows up. Ilan Wilder is only 20 years old, but he’s already making a fuss on the bike. Our compatriot turned into professionals at the end of 2019 with beautiful noble letters. He did not choose Lotto-Soudal, the team that enjoyed his training, but Team Sunweb, the predecessor of the DSM team. .
  11. 3 pm 55. Can Kilderman pop a pop? Wilko Kilderman searches for the ultimate ascent. The Bora leader is already fifth in Catalonia and is looking for a place on the podium in the final standings this week. .
  12. 3 pm 51. Jesus Herada at 3. Jesus Herada, leader of Cofides, enters the top three. The Spaniard is on the spot at Romani. Well started, half won? .
  13. 3:47 PM We wave to the Woods. Michael Woods was almost on the podium yesterday in Liège Baston Liège, and today he’s already starting in Romandy. A Start-Up Nation leader in Israel this week helps collect the glass globes. .
  14. 15 hours 43. Lotto-Soudal and 4 of his companions descended into Romandie. Gerben Thijssen is, among others, part of the selection. The 22-year-old enemy bomb now runs off the first meter of the Tour de Romandi. .
  15. 3 pm 38. Strong top 3. Convertible energy ratios: 1. Stefan Bissegger 5’38 “2. Jan Tratnik 5’39” 3. Stefan Küng 5’43 “.
  16. 15 hours 36.
  17. 3 pm 35. Divines dry on cannon. The 37-year-old Deceuninck-Quick Step captain is also on the Tour de Romandie to escort his troops. Can our citizen dive into the top twenty again today on his test bike? .
  18. 3 pm 31. Tratnik departure. Jan Tratnik is stalking Bessiger, too. The Slovenian from Bahrain Victorious has already won a time trial in the Tour de Romandie in 2019. Can he do the job again today? .
  19. 5’38 “: Bissegger. Stefan Bissegger does what he has to do and sets the clock instantly. 5’38 is the best time to win right now. 3:30 pm.
  20. 15 hours 28.
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