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Live: The club starts out brilliantly, but sees STVV equal out of nowhere |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Live: The club starts out brilliantly, but sees STVV equal out of nowhere | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 24′ – Goal – Robert Bauer (1-1)
  2. 1′ – goal – bass dust (0-1)

STVV was going through a difficult week: after a heavy 4-1 defeat to OHL, a cup elimination against Seraing followed. Can he beat Club Brugge, who is preparing to face Manchester City? Catch it live at 8.45pm.

  1. Rest, 21 hours 33. Blown comfort. Club Brugge started furiously, but suddenly STVV saw a tie. After that, Bruges had to lower a few gears. Will the National Champion retire after the break or will STVV care about the surprise? .
  2. The first half, the 48th minute, the game is over
  3. First half, 47th minute. There was a dost again, before the break. Mata crossed toward his attacker, but Pius was back in time to dismantle the danger. We go to rest when there is a tie. .
  4. First half, 45th minute. Brüls could break through on the left, but was incorrectly blocked by Hendry. However, Van Driessche sees nothing wrong with this, much to the dismay of the public at Stayen. .
  5. First half, minute 45.
  6. The first half, the 43rd minute. The club did this themselves, after all the missed chances at the start. . Bert Strix on Radio 1.
  7. Pain in Michelle. Brandon Michele, without an opponent, sat nearby. An injury he may have sustained earlier in the match. Together with the physicists, the defender walks briefly towards the touch line. Can he continue his match? . First half, minute 41.
  8. The first half, the 40th minute. It seems that the club has found a second breath. Sobol rushes across the field and returns to Vanaken, but the latter sees his attempt blocked. .
  9. First half, minute 38. Ai, ai, De Ketelaere .. The club once again created an imposed opportunity. Lang returns the box, Former leaves and de Kettleri begins docking. However, the Bruges Goldcrest club is almost leather chasing off the field. This should be much better. .
  10. First half, minute 34. Club Brugge’s fiery start seemed to have faded after the home team’s sudden goal. Blauw-Zwart hasn’t been near Schmidt for a while and things are now looking a bit sloppy in piling up too. .
  11. First half, minute 32.
  12. mug in dost. Goal scorer Dost comes down after a duel and grabs his thigh. After the miracle spray package has passed, the tall striker stands up again. . First half, minute 31.
  13. First half, minute 25.
  14. First half, minute 25.
  15. The first half, minute 24. Suddenly it’s even! Club Brugge overwhelmingly dominated for 20 minutes, but suddenly the score was 1-1! After a free kick, Bauer can take the ball and accurately kick it from inside the post against the net. The club is taken cool. .
  16. A goal during the first half, the 24th minute by Robert Bauer of STVV. 1, 1.
  17. The first half, the 22nd minute. The first bright spot for STVV, when Hara turned superbly from Balanta. The latter can only err to stop the danger. .
  18. First half, minute 21. Sint Truden is nowhere to be seen in this match. It is like “sniffing” sand in the wind: it flies in all directions. Bert Strix on Radio 1.
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