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Loena Hendrickx Ranked 4th in Finland with Outstanding Personal Performance |  Snowboarding

Loena Hendrickx Ranked 4th in Finland with Outstanding Personal Performance | Snowboarding

The victory went to Russian Kamila Valeeva, with a stunning score of 249.24 points. She was followed by compatriot Elisabetta Toktamysheva (233.80) and Alina Kosturnaya (218.03).

With a flawlessly executed free program, Hendrickx Anastasiia Gubakova from Georgia passed. Her total of 212.07 represents an improvement in her personal performance, which she had set in March at the World Championships in Stockholm (5th with a score of 208.44).

In the free program (143.25, also PR) she just had to let the amazing Valiyeva, who showed four-fold jumps, and Tuktamysheva.

With “Oriental Blend,” Hendrix in Bordeaux costume successfully seduced the jury and audience. Arabic music had something mysterious and it turned out well. The Arendonk skater did all the jumps, double and triple, well.

Only the Rittberger trio, worked on in the summer months, was missing. That jump put the three Russians and American Karen Chen on the ice. However, Hendrix’s difference with Kostornaya is currently only six points.

With a bloodied finger, Hendrickx accepted the highscore with a smile. She had injured herself on her skateboard during one of her laps. An official carefully handed her a handkerchief.

Hendrickx will continue the Olympic season in four weeks at the Grand Prix competitions in Turin. There you will meet jockeys from China, Japan and South Korea, as well as three strong Russians, among whom is the world champion in Stockholm Anna Shcherbakova, who was on the reserve list in Finland.

Refers to the size of the skiers’ reservoir in Russia.

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