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look.  Portland's Jeanty Perronette returned to the stage for the first time since his cancer diagnosis |  music

look. Portland’s Jeanty Perronette returned to the stage for the first time since his cancer diagnosis | music

He had hoped to return to the stage in January 2024, but Portland singer Jeanty Perronette is already doing just that, and the singer is sharing on Instagram some fan-made videos of an intimate performance at Thomas More College. Ginty played piano – for the first time in front of an audience – for Coldplay’s “The Scientist” and also performed a new song “Time To Talk”, inspired by people who stutter.

However, the new song took on more meaning last year, as Portland wrote the single on YouTube. “Time to Talk” is a tribute to everyone who suffers setbacks, but never gives up and stays positive. It’s an invitation to talk, listen, make time for each other and truly be there for each other. It’s a song about strength, hope and connection.

In July, Pironet announced that Portland would not be able to complete its summer festival. “It is with great regret and sadness in my heart that I regretfully announce that for health reasons, I will have to end our summer festival early,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “Some powerful doctors in our beautiful country have discovered brain injuries that need to be treated as quickly as possible.” It was also said in September that his recovery was more difficult than expected. Therefore, Portland decided to cancel all upcoming concerts this year.

In a candid conversation with Studio Brussels’ Thibaut Christiansen, Pironet spoke more about his battle against cancer for the first time at the beginning of this month. His diagnosis was a bitter pill to swallow, but the singer was determined to return to the stage as soon as possible. “I want to be back on stage in January,” he said at the time.

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