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"Lots of clouds on Monday but also room for some cool nights of sun from Wednesday"

“Lots of clouds on Monday but also room for some cool nights of sun from Wednesday”

Next week will be mostly cloudy with some room for sun now and then. That’s the forecast by OOG weather expert Johan Kamphuis.

“There will be a lot of clouds on Monday, but from time to time there is plenty of sun,” says Johan Kamvuys, weather worker at OOG. Aside from a few spots, it stays dry. At a maximum temperature of 9 degrees, the weather is mild. Moderate and moderately strong winds blow in the Wadden and Lauwersmeer region from northwest to west direction, wind strength 4 to 5. At night from Monday to Tuesday the minimum temperature is about 5 degrees and there are a lot of clouds.

“On Tuesday there will be a lot of clouds with room for a few clear periods. It will remain dry and the maximum temperature will be around 7 degrees. On Wednesday it will be a little rain and the temperature will be 7 degrees. Nights will get cooler from Wednesday with the minimum temperature fluctuating near Freezing It’s mostly dry the rest of the week and also during the coming weekend Sometimes it goes away for a while, but it’s mostly cloudy It’s calm and the maximum temperatures are between 7 and 8 degrees Winter is big absent and will remain Also in the long-term. Personally, I am not in favor of excessive long-term forecasts, but I would venture to say that the chance of winter weather this month is very slim.”

More information about the weather can be found on this page.