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Love Island: How are Sunita and Mert?

Love Island: How are Sunita and Mert?

ultimate love island It’s been a long time now. showed how Guti and Cass won the program and 25,000 euros. But the other couples from the show seem to be cooperating well. announced this week that Amandine and Jules come back anyway Lynnert and And the Ayman and Nathan He will now form a couple. But what about Sunita and Mert?

A few years after the last release of Love Island Belgium and the Netherlands The show can be watched on Streamz this summer. Just as in previous years, it was again a huge hit, even if it couldn’t be followed live on TV.

In the end Lennert & Fé, Cas & Jotti, Imen & Nathan, and Mert & Sunita competed against each other. In the end, Cas & Jotti came home with the win, but the other couples also seemed happy with each other. Although participants Sunita & Mert now have less pleasant news.


Every year brings love island different together. This was also the case this year, because many couples stayed together after the program. However, this does not appear to be the case with a couple. Sunita and Mert decide to stay friends when they get home. In an interview with Thank you They say they tried it, but it “didn’t work”.

Mert previously participated in the show and soon told Sunita that they would explore their relationship after the recordings. It also happened, because shortly after love islandAdventurous, the duo went on several dates.

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“We talked a lot when we got back and started doing things together, but at some point we noticed we didn’t get along,” Sunita says. “It was fun, but we brought peace with us that we don’t get along well with each other. That’s why we can now continue perfectly as friends,” says Mert.