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LTO dairy doesn't want an animal rights system

LTO dairy doesn’t want an animal rights system

LTO Dairy Farms Management was surprised by last Friday’s letter to Parliament from outgoing Agriculture Minister Carola Scotten. In it, the minister alludes to the introduction of animal rights. “We’re not looking at another new system,” department head Will Mullenbrooks replies.

On Friday, December 24, Schouten reported to the House of Representatives a number of matters relating to Roth policy. Among these modifications was a modification of the phosphate excretion schedule.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has commissioned an update of the account. This shows that the new account can have serious consequences for individual companies and the sector as a whole. The parties to the sector have been informed of this.

“However, like our members, we were very surprised that Schouten sent on Christmas Eve a letter informing the House of Representatives of this, but also hinting at the introduction of animal rights,” says Mullenbroeks.

Troubles in the field

LTO Dairy Farming understands the turmoil that has arisen in this field as a result. We’ve had a turbulent time with the phosphate profile. We are not waiting for another new system. Stability, clarity and calm, that’s what the sector needs. LTO Dairy Farming will comply with this. This means no animal rights system and no adjustments at the table that could lead to problems for our members, says the department chair.

In addition to the report on the phosphate schedule, the report also said the government is investigating how the space under the Nature Conservation Act is being occupied.

“The underlying space makes sense on a dairy farm,” says Mullenbroeks. You work in and with nature and it is not always unpredictable. In addition, we have other policies and legislation that we must comply with to ensure that you do not always use your entire pass.

The permit is still authorized.

So the department head also wants the licensed space to continue to be licensed. LTO Dairy Farming is committed to future-oriented dairy farms, knowing that use of licensed space is essential. This is why we stick to the LTO’s position: the licensee remains licensed.

LTO member dairy farmers will receive a comprehensive newsletter on this topic this week.