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Luca Briselle advances to second round in Snooker Shoot Out |  snooker

Luca Briselle advances to second round in Snooker Shoot Out | snooker

Luca Brecel (WS-16) qualified for the second round of the Snooker Shoot Out in Leicester on Friday. He defeated England’s Joe Perry (WS-33) 40-20. He did not yet know his opponent in the second round.

Luka Prisl hasn’t played in a while and was a bit rusty in the early stages. At first he missed three chances. Perry managed to score twenty points, but then made a mistake.

Brecel did not miss this opportunity. Then our compatriot saved a 40th break, which is enough for victory. “I haven’t played snooker in nearly a month,” Briselle said.

“There are now some important tournaments in the programme, with the German Masters next week and the European Masters in February. Of course I also want to make a good turn here.” IIn 2016, Brecel lost in the Shoot Out final, but then the tournament wasn’t a main event yet, but now it is.

In the Shoot Out cycle, one frame, which can last up to ten minutes, decides whether or not to win or lose. In the first five minutes of a match there is a 15-second shot clock, and in the last five minutes players only have 10 seconds per shot. As in billiards, a ball or tire must be pocketed on every shot and players get the ball in their hands if the opponent makes a mistake. If the score is tied after 10 minutes, there will be a penalty shootout for the blue ball.