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Luina Hendricks' joy after World Cup silver: 'My brother as coach has made me so much better' |  Snowboarding

Luina Hendricks’ joy after World Cup silver: ‘My brother as coach has made me so much better’ | Snowboarding

Conquering a silver medal in the World Cup, that’s doing something for someone. “It’s a dream come true again this season,” Hendrix laughed afterwards. “Before the World Cup I was already thinking: ‘How many dreams have not come true this season?'” “Then this comes on top of his head. It feels really great.”

“Look how big this medal is. It would have a very nice place in my room. It’s too crazy for words. I never thought I could do that.”

Since Russian girls were not allowed to skate, Hendrix’s chances of winning the medal increased slightly. “This was a very interesting competition because all the top players had a chance to win medals. Of course I am proud and happy that I won this medal. But these Russians are still haunting your mind. After everything that happened it really happened in Russia and I think I really deserved it.”

However, Hendrix traveled to Montpellier with some skepticism. “I had such a bad period before leaving. I think my mentality and perseverance now is really great. Without it I wouldn’t be here. I wanted the best results. It was also the last time. Just give it everything again and enjoy.”

“I can’t fathom it myself just yet. I don’t consider myself a top skater. But it might also be because I’m a very perfectionist. To be appreciated by the audience and the jury, it really means I can stand there.”

Finally, Luena also wanted to thank her brother and coach Yorick. “I am very proud that my brother is my coach. He has made me so much better. The training sessions are so perfect. I felt great before every match.”

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“I also have a lot of support from him. Not only in training sessions, but also on a personal level. It’s just great to share this dream with him. I am so grateful to him. Because of him I am also here on this level.”