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Luke Billings Farewell Interview: 'I'd Be Totally Happy Without a Restaurant' |  the interior

Luke Billings Farewell Interview: ‘I’d Be Totally Happy Without a Restaurant’ | the interior

Luke Billings has just finished a very busy afternoon shift. “Since announcing that I’m going to stop eating it, all of a sudden everyone wants to come eat here again. My restaurant could easily stay open for six months, but I don’t see that anymore. On August 20, I’m going to turn off the stove permanently. Also because buyer Pajtim Bajrami (33-year-old chef from “Ja Chef!” and “Snackmasters”, editor) wants to reopen as soon as possible. I’m really happy with Pajtim as the new owner. Realizing my younger self in him. Was ambitious given his leadership, sometimes didn’t speak …he even sold his house to fund this acquisition and will live here with his wife and two kids upstairs. Everything to focus on gastronomic success. That’s how I used to be. I recently found one of my first phrases as a snotty nose in a cookbook: “Before I turned 30 From my age, I want my first Michelin star or I’ll look for another career,” I was surprised at the time. (Flirting) Some may regret that day, but I was 29 when I got them.” Today Billings is 57 years old and the impending closure also chronicles an announced departure. Because what did he actually say in the newspaper in 2008 after he was back in the stars again with his work at the time “Aan Tafel”? “Now my ambition is to get two stars. I still have 11 years to do it, because the door is closing on my 55. Definitively.”