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Macron calls on Europeans to stop being naive to the United States and order respect

“Europeans must abandon their innocence and make their own decisions about America’s new strategic options aimed at its rivalry with China,” said French President Emmanuel Macron.

“When we are under the pressure of flexible forces, the response shows that we also have the strength and capability to defend ourselves. The loss to the United States of the contract to sell French submarines to Australia.

“The United States has historically been friends and allies, but for more than a decade we have seen the United States become self-centered and reconsider its strategic interests in China and the Pacific,” he stressed.


“It is their right, it is their own sovereignty. But we will be innocent, or make a big mistake, if we do not make all the decisions ourselves,” he stressed when signing the agreement with Greece to sell the three ships.

“With the same practice and the same ingenuity, we Europeans must play our part in our own security. It is not an alternative to the alliance with the United States, but a European pillar within the framework of NATO. We are legally asked to strengthen our own security; so it is ours to do so,” he concluded. .

The announcement of a strategic partnership between the US, Australia and the UK on September 15 led to the cancellation of the mega deal for French submarines in Canberra.

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