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Mafia Titanic PC Mod released after 15 years of development

Photo of an article titled Mafia & # 39;  Titanic Mod'  Released after 15 years of fan development

15 years ago, in 2006, you were barely 15 years old. And that year, the same year that Twitter launched the original version Mafia: The Lost City of Paradise He was barely four years old. A saver has begun work on a modification that will add the fully realized Titanic and the game’s prototype. The first part appeared after 15 years.

MOD TitanicIt aims to create one of the “most accurate and detailed 3D Titanic restorations ever”. Mafia. It was primarily developed by one man, Robin Bongaarts. to me Eurogamer to interview From last month, Bongaarts is a file since 2006, a marine engineer from the Netherlands working on this model.

The first part of the massive change was the latest release released yesterday and on August 20th. She does not have any assignments on board. The ship also does not show the time the ship sank in the ocean. And some parts of the ship are not ready yet, based on this diagram. However, you can operate the ship and explore different parts of its outer chambers and highly detailed rooms.

This mode includes features not found in the original base game, such as the ability to fully climb stairs and swim. These features have been added to the mod with the help of a small team that Bongaarts works with.

If you want to try Titanic Mod, you need the Unscented Vanilla Release file from the game. The Steam and GOG versions of the open world game will also work, although this mod will not support other mods like the popular widescreen fix. And no, that wouldn’t work last year The definitive version of the mafia.

You can read more about the mod creator from above Eurogamer to interview or check out Titanic’s modification history via its Moddb page.

(free: Eurogamer)

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