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Magdalena Andersson makes a new bid for Sweden's prime minister on Monday after her chaotic resignation |  Abroad

Magdalena Andersson makes a new bid for Sweden’s prime minister on Monday after her chaotic resignation | Abroad

Sweden’s parliament is set to vote on Monday again on whether Social Democrat candidate Magdalena Andersson could become prime minister. It was decided after her chaotic resignation.

The speaker said parliament will decide on November 29 whether Anderson will be given a second chance. The chance of the Social Democrat making another attempt at forming a big government, where there are no strong opponents.

Less than eight hours after she was elected to parliament as Sweden’s first female head of government, Andersson handed her resignation to Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlin on Wednesday. After all, the Green Party’s support for the minority coalition was lost when the budget proposal of three opposition parties was adopted. The proposal was made by, among others, the right-wing populist Democratic Party of Sweden. This was the reason for the Green Party’s withdrawal of support.

“I deeply regret the events that took place in Parliament yesterday (Wednesday),” Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlin told a news conference on Thursday. This parliamentary unrest “seems incomprehensible to the Swedish people and undermines confidence in the political system”.

Norlin spoke to various party leaders earlier in the day and their views on the election of the future prime minister remain unchanged. The speaker said there would be a vote on Monday on Anderson’s premiership, but this time as the leader of a fully democratic socialist government, without the Greens.

Anderson already indicated on Wednesday that she would like to continue to govern without coalition partners, that is, with only the SPD in the minority government.

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