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Magic Eraser en Live Translate in the spotlight

Magic Eraser en Live Translate in the spotlight

The new Pixel 6 phones will be announced in a few days, so it’s time for the latest leaks. In two leaked commercials, we note the Magic Eraser and Live Translation.

The commercials, shared by Twitterer _Snoopytech_ not only show these two new options, but also a home screen filled with Material You widgets. You will also see Numeral and Scallop analog clock styles. In addition, the now playback tool for YouTube Music is shown.

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tensor slide

The brand new smartphone commercials that Google will announce next week are paying more attention to tensor slideGoogle introduces Pixel phones for the first time. After all, they have to do everything in terms of computing power.

This computing power is essential, because many new possibilities are coming to the Google Pixel. Think of Magic Eraser which allows you to edit photos in Google Photos. The ad shows that the AI ​​asks you if you want to remove the ‘distraction’. Think of things in the photo that draw attention away from the main subject in the shot.

live translation

Another option that Google clearly wants to pay more attention to is Live Translate. This allows you to translate texts directly in the Google Messages app and via Google Lens. This makes it easier and faster to have a conversation with someone who does not speak Holland while on vacation. The special thing is that you can also do this in countries where your data plan allows you to get stuck. Live Translate also works offline.

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The ad also pays attention to the fully equipped security center to keep your phone safe. This ensures that no one can access your passwords and that your digital life remains private. one of the slogans Pixel 6 So it is “because all you are” (for all you are).

Google Pixel 6 ad

It’s not clear in the commercials if the difference between the Google Pixel 6 and the Google Pixel 6 Pro is too big, but it does make sense for the commercial. In announcing the smartphones on October 19, we expect Google to put this difference under a magnifying glass.

And you, are you going to see the announcement of Google’s new smartphones? Leave it in the comments.