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'Marble Mania': Attaching a camera to an elderly hedgehog could have produced more compelling material

‘Marble Mania’: Attaching a camera to an elderly hedgehog could have produced more compelling material

Elmo Lê van draws the gaze to infinity. Today: Marble Mania

Elmo Le Fan

My black hole is 80 km deep. Any cry for help falls on deaf ears. The nearest emergency exit is an hour back and there is no way back. Watch Anouk Matoon SpecialBV . arrows or rescue men It was less shocking than the service Marble Mania† Are there insurance companies that cover psychological damage?

Kurt Rogers is a poor miser, not just because no one knows how to pronounce Kurt correctly. He is bound by an exclusive contract, which brings him a lot of money, but also a lot of misery. You will only be obligated to submit a program Marble Mania Hot where the famous Flemish people play with marbles. And that’s for 70 minutes.

In the second episode of the program Marble Mania TV chefs had Marcelo Ballardin and Dominic Pearson – how annoying can you be? Roger Van Damme takes about 50 attempts to get the marble to its destination. Here you are, apparently, watching white, movement-impaired men struggling for something meant for kids.

The nominees – mostly media personalities who weren’t considered interesting enough traitors And the BV . arrows Venture into the Courts of Skill and Courts of Fortune, but despite the cool names: don’t expect too much. These are the disciplines that produce visuals that do not have to appear on screen. Nothing happens, but it is broadcast anyway. This is the disease of our time.

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Kamal Kharmash serves Frank Rice and comments on the marble path. “Now it’s about marble,” it seemed. This was a sign to run, but I kept watching, and now TV shock is my lot. Cheer Kharmach as if Wout Van Aert was storming Mount Everest on a unicycle, while these are marble balls rolling down a track. It’s about luck, not skill, but that message clearly didn’t get through.

In my sympathy to the man, I would call Karmash’s enthusiasm contagious, but the nonsense he conveys is some of the worst that has appeared on television in the past ten years. How boring can the program be? Marble Mania So bad that it could be the Horeca Vlaanderen campaign. They have invested in shit show That you should definitely not stay at home. Oh my goodness, restaurant visits went up on Saturday evening. Smart appearance.

I’d really like to end on a positive note, because someone must have honestly thought that Marble Mania It can be great TV, but I have to disappoint that person. Attaching the camera to an elderly hedgehog could have produced more convincing material.

Marble Maniaevery Saturday at 8.25pm ​​on VTM.