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Marc Van Ranst on relaxing social contacts: “Better …

Marc Van Ranst on relaxing social contacts: “Better …

Mark Van Ranst thinks it’s too early to cancel adorable toy contacts.
Photo: BELGA

Mark Van Ranst surrenders from his secret lair the seventh day His views on the facility announced last week. “This is a risk,” he says. Van Ranst warns of the feeling of the liberation parties.

From the ministerial decision distributed by Home Secretary Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) last week, It turns out that bubble and adorable contacts can go into the trash during a relaxing June 9th. Although “it is still strongly recommended that you adhere to the utmost preventive measures possible, such as keeping your distance from wearing a mask”. the seventh day Virologist Mark Van Ranst immediately requested a response. “This relaxation came very suddenly,” he said. “I understand that there is an urgent need for human contact. Yes, the numbers are declining, but they remain high. Higher than the numbers at the same time last year.”

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Van Ranst, like Erica Flegg, has not been heard of this decision, dreading the sentiment of the liberation parties. “If you asked the experts, they would have preferred to wait another month to a month and a half with this relaxation.”

“At the moment we have a positive rate of 5 percent, and last year it was 1 percent,” Van Ranst says. Then we had 122 new cases a day, and now we have 1871. We had 573 people in hospital at that time, and now more than doubled. This is not without risk. “

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Van Ranst also highlights the positive atmosphere surrounding the good vaccination numbers. Half or 40 percent of the population is said to have been vaccinated. But if you look at Brussels, for example, only thirty percent of vaccines get vaccinated. Across the country, only 17 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. ”According to Van Ranst, politicians are risking these facilities.“ It’s a risk, ”he says.“ This is mainly due to new variants, such as the Indian species that we are now seeing in Britain. Great. And like the British variant, it is more transmissible and pathogenic. Of course, politicians also have to take other aspects of society into account. “

Minister Verlinden said in his response that he understood that virologists were choosing the most accurate path. “But as politicians, we have to take into account the population’s psyche.”