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Marijn 'Boma' Devalck doesn't understand why FC De Kampioenen's 'worst episodes' were suddenly re-broadcast: 'We lost a lot of viewers in that time'

Marijn ‘Boma’ Devalck doesn’t understand why FC De Kampioenen’s ‘worst episodes’ were suddenly re-broadcast: ‘We lost a lot of viewers in that time’

That VRT decided to ban the ban from next week FC . Champions-Broadcast of unpopular episodes of BTW was met with misunderstanding by Marijn ‘Balthazar Boma’ Devalck. “It looks like they’re looking for ways to make it fall apart,” he says. latest news.

When the garage owner fired DDT – played by Jack Vermeer – FC . Champions He disappeared, and was replaced by restaurateur Bernard Theophil Waterslager. BTW it was named, and Jacob Becks played his unpopular character. The episodes were the least watched ever, which is why VRT has decided in recent years not to repeat them on TV. Now that will change: from next week it will be rebroadcast.

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‘Lots of viewers’

Marin Devaclik, an actor who regularly quarrels with VAT like Balthazar Boma, doesn’t get it. “It looks like they’re looking for ways to… FC . Champions collapses,” he says in latest news. Thus, the VRT law is in direct conflict with the decision made earlier. These episodes with VAT simply did not spread with the public. We lost a lot of viewers because of that. So it was decided not to broadcast those seasons anymore. But now all of a sudden? Do you really want it heroes Getting fewer and fewer viewers? “

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