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Marrakesh registers monkeys in Djemaa El Fna

Marrakesh registers monkeys in Djemaa El Fna

May 26, 2022 – 9:00 pm – Morocco

Morocco is taking preventive measures against the spread of monkeypox virus. Marrakech is conducting a census of monkeys in the Jemaa El Fna square. Three suspicious cases were discovered in the Kingdom.

After the coronavirus, the world will have to deal with another virus: monkeypox. It is endemic to West Africa and belongs to the same family as the smallpox virus. The disease is manifested by symptoms such as fever and muscle pain. There is no safe and proven way to treat monkeypox, but most people clear up on their own. Several countries, notably Spain, the United Kingdom, and Canada, have identified monkeypox infection. Morocco has taken a number of preventive measures to prevent infection.

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Marrakesh authorities, in recent days, have registered monkeys linked to the loop artists in Jamaâ El Fna Square, an Arabic-language daily reported. news† In addition to counting, the Marrakesh authorities have asked the ring organizers and workers in Jamaâ El Fna Square to vaccinate their monkeys, monitor their health and keep the animals as far away as possible from visitors to the square, with the result that the monkeys are not allowed to touch them.

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On Sunday, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection presented its national plan to monitor and combat the monkeypox virus. On Monday, three suspected monkeypox cases were identified in Morocco, and tests have now shown they are negative.

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