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Marvel's New 'Shang-Chi' Headed to Very Low Opening (Second Low in Studio History)

Marvel’s New ‘Shang-Chi’ Headed to Very Low Opening (Second Low in Studio History)

Marvel movie may go Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Lowest opening weekend for the MCU since then Incredible Hulk.

The movie is the first solo movie for a new hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since our release in 2019 Captain Marvel I can see. Fans of course look forward to the movie very much, but the box office doesn’t seem to have anything to write home about.

release shang chi Soon exclusively in cinemas. This is in contrast to Black Widow, which has been shown in both theaters and via VIP access on Disney+. shang chi In cinemas and after 45 days on streaming service.

Bob Chuck, the president of Disney, described the move as an experiment to see how comfortable the audience would be. It also looks at how a Marvel movie would currently perform if it were shown exclusively in theaters.

It looks like this will be a huge blow to the Marvel movie. Boxoffice Pro writes that long-term tracking of the opening weekend results in a range of between $35 million and $55 million. If the highest expectation is met, the movie will do as good as Incredible Hulkwhich debuted in 2008 for $55.4 million. disappointment because Black Widow It opened with revenues of $80 million.

Representative Simo Liu Not happy with it and he clearly states that as far as it is concerned it will be a massive success. Moreover, he does not like that the president of Disney, Bob Chapek, called the release of the film in cinemas an experience.

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