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Matthias Kaas crowns himself world champion in judo in Budapest |  judo

Matthias Kaas crowns himself world champion in judo in Budapest | judo

Belgium has another world champion in judo. Matthias Kass proved best in his class up to 81 kg at the World Championships in Budapest. Our compatriot immediately clears all doubts for the sake of the Olympic Games.

As No. 1 in the world, Matthias Cass starts every tournament as a favourite, but in recent months he’s only been able to podium in one lap. In Budapest, our compatriot has grown into a championship.

While he needed extra time in the early rounds to put his opponents off, he showed his tactical prowess in the quarter-finals and semi-finals. He kept dangerous opponents like Fujiwara and Boltaboyev at bay in order to skillfully take them out.

Cass also showed his maturity in the final. His tactical plan was right on target. He defended well against the great talent Grigalashvili. 21-year-old Grigalashvili got frustrated and tapped Cassie for the golden result.

Thus Cass crowns himself as the first male Belgian world champion in judo. In the women’s race, Ingrid Bergmans, Gila Vandikavey and Ola Werbroek won the gold at the World Cup. The world title will definitely be a boost for Cass in regards to the Olympics.

Watch Matthias Cass Final

Sami Shoshi collided with Grigalashvili and finished in seventh place

Belgium had another representative in the class up to 81 kg with Sami Choshi. Chushi reached the quarter-finals with a clever judo, but there he collided literally and figuratively with Tatu Grigalashvili. Choshi was injured in the defeat and missed the replay. So it took seventh place.

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