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Maxime Myland and boyfriend Leroy have wedding plans |  Showbiz

Maxime Myland and boyfriend Leroy have wedding plans | Showbiz

ShowbizMaxime Meiland (25) has clearly found love with her boyfriend Leroy Molkenboer (29). The two will soon have a daughter, and now Maxim is eager to tie the knot. Although that’s still too fast for Leroy: “We have a home now, so let’s focus on that first.”

In the final episode of ‘Chateau Meiland’, Maxim revealed that she and her boyfriend are eager to take the next step in their relationship. “We would very much like to get married, but yes, because of this wreath,” says Maxim. Leroy is more expected. “We have a home now, let’s focus on that first.” Maxim realizes it’s going fast. She said, laughing, in the episode: “I like to continue.”

At the moment you will not see the TV character in a white dress, but she already has a round stomach. In mid-March, Maxim and Leroy announced that they were pregnant and recently revealed that they will be a girl. The mother also said that she would like her mother Erica to be present during the delivery to support her.

Erica and Sander break up

Although his daughter Maxim has wedding plans, the past weeks of mother Erica Rinkema (56) have been a little less romantic. It was recently announced that she and private investigator Sander Van Peyton are no longer a married couple. A reality star can put it down quite well. “As I indicated, Sander and I were getting to know each other,” she told RTL Boulevard. “There has never been a relationship in the sense of a love affair and it will never happen.” According to Erica, they are too different to take the next step. “We see each other as friends and we still have contact every now and then,” she concludes.

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