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Mazzu introduces a new wind in Anderlecht: 'A new gameplay system and yearning for the title' |  Jupiler Pro League

Mazzu introduces a new wind in Anderlecht: ‘A new gameplay system and yearning for the title’ | Jupiler Pro League

In Horst, Netherlands, Anderlecht puts the building blocks for the upcoming season on stage. With a new staff, a few new players and above all a new gameplay system, the harvest should take place next year after only last season. “Bridging the gap after Kompany? I’m not worried about that,” says coach Phyllis Matsu.

Mazzo: “Building something new while respecting the club’s philosophy”

Phyllis Matsu, aside from Espositos or Ishak, is perhaps the most important newcomer to Anderlecht this summer. The new coach has the difficult task of filling the gap left by club star Vincent Kompany.

“Everything is going well,” Matsu told Sporza of the Netherlands. “Not much has changed for me compared to last year. We know this club has won a lothas a stature. But I work the same way I did last year.”

“Anderlecht is special,” he continues. “It’s a club that gets to the top every year. It’s something different for me. But it’s also just a team with a core group of players, and we have to work with them to be ready for next season.”

We want to be competitive as quickly as possible. The important thing now is to create a team that wants to win the title.

Phyllis Matsu

Does Mazzu start with a blank page or does he want to continue the work of Kompany? “We want to build something new here, while respecting the philosophy of the club and everything that happened in the past. Is it difficult to fill the void after Kompany? It is different, because Kompany meant a lot to the football club in Belgium.”

“But I’m not worried about that. I want to take this team as high as possible. We want to be competitive as quickly as possible. The most important thing now is to create a team that wants to win the title.”

Van Cromburg: “We’ll play 3-5-2”

A new chapter also began under Matsu’s captain Hendrik van Kromburg. “We’re here now with a new staff and some new players, it feels like the first day at school. Everyone has to get to know each other.”

This summer, Brussels residents are moving from “Kompanyball” to “Mazzuball”. “The coach has a different way of working and a different philosophy than what Vincent Company expected of us,” explains Van Crombrugge.

“We play with a different system, the famous 3-5-2 system that everyone knows now, and other things are also expected on the field from a football technical point of view. It is up to us to contribute as best we can.”

“It was a team season for us last year. We were close to getting a trophy with the cup final and qualified for the conference league, but we were hoping for a little more. But there is a lot of hunger for more.”

The coach has a different philosophy than what Vincent Kompany expected of us.

Hendrik van Cromburg

Among the mercenaries, Sebastiano Esposito should provide more quality at the front.

Verschaeren: “A different regimen, with more interest in walking”

Jari Verschaeren made a comeback in the RSCA after some injury problems last season. chouchou from Astridpark has seen some new players coming in.

“They are all guys who have a lot of courage, and they want to show themselves,” it seems. “It’s only good for us, because we want them to be able to perform at the highest level with us. I think they have Anderlecht acid in them.”

How does Verchatrain view coach Matsu’s new style? “When you change coaches, there is always some adjustment. It’s a matter of getting to know the new way of working.”

“I wouldn’t say there were too big changes, because I think the intent was to build on the foundation that was already there. But each coach has their own principles and accents.”

“Now we’re playing in a completely different system than before. Other aspects, like walking, are now being given more attention. That’s part of it, but there’s always a lot of intensity.”

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