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Merkel and Macron seek a diplomatic solution to tensions on the Belarusian border |  Abroad

Merkel and Macron seek a diplomatic solution to tensions on the Belarusian border | Abroad

Merkel and Lukashenko’s rare conversation lasted about 50 minutes and was about how to prevent escalation at the border. The two leaders also discussed providing humanitarian assistance to detained migrants. There was no confirmation of the conversation so far from Germany. French President Emmanuel Macron had a long telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who politically supports Lukashenko.

The two talked about the role Russia could play in calming the conflict, according to sources in Paris. According to the Kremlin, Putin said EU leaders should discuss the issue directly with Lukashenko.

The European Union accuses the Belarusian regime of luring people to the Polish border with lies. Lukashenko denies allowing people from Afghanistan and the Middle East to enter Belarus and transport them to the external borders of the European Union in an orderly manner.

Thousands of migrants are said to be stuck in a no-man’s-land between Belarusian security forces and the Polish border. According to the Polish authorities, the number of immigrants from the Belarusian side near the town of Koznica is steadily increasing. According to the police, there are now about 3,500 people. They are setting up a tent camp.

Information is difficult to control, however, as the Belarusian and Polish governments keep journalists and aid workers at a distance.

Meanwhile, Iraq said it will organize a flight on Thursday to bring back civilians at the Polish-Belarus border if they want to go home. Iraq already suspended regular flights between Belarus and Iraq a few months ago.

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