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Merkel urges stern action after ‘Easter lockdown’ removed Now

President Angela Merkel is pressuring German nations to adhere to the acknowledgment of Corona’s actions. On Wednesday, Merkel canceled her tough ‘Easter lock’ after a storm of criticism over additional corona activities over the holidays.

Merkel said in an interview that it is necessary to tighten corona measures to reduce the rapidly growing new corona infections. ARD.

“We have our emergency brake, but unfortunately it is not respected everywhere,” Merkel said. He referred to the action thus agreed with the federal states, which introduces strict controls for a certain number of epidemics. “We have to take the right steps very seriously. Some states do it, others don’t,” Merkel said.

Germany is experiencing a significant outbreak of the corona virus, mainly known as the British variant. However, the Berlin government and state leaders increasingly disagreed on how to control the eruption.

No time to relax

For example, many federal states refuse to use programs for severe locking, even in areas where the number of infections is relatively low. However, according to Merkel, pollution figures in those areas are also unsustainable. “Therefore, this is not the time to consider such a relaxation,” he said.

According to his fourth-in-command, in the last word, additional controls are needed to stop the corona virus in a timely manner, for example, further restricting the number of contacts allowed, setting curfew orders and focusing on working at home.