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Mersin Municipality | Space for gravel

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Space for gravel

Published on:
December 4, 2023 at 4:15 pm

Spread of services
As you may have noticed, the anti-slip season has begun again. Mill drivers informed us that they cannot do their work easily due to parking on some streets. As a result, they were unable to properly salt some streets.

Here are a number of streets where problems often occur:
• Ulestraaten: De Kling, Groot Berghem, Kennedystraat, Don Boscostraat, Pastoor Halmansstraat, Klein Berghemmerweg.
• Joel: Moorfieldsburg
• Rothem: Heideweg (including the bridge), Holstraat (including the Heideweg/Holstraat junction), Eburonenstraat
• Bond: Princesses Beatrixstraat
• Merssen: Herkenberg, corner Bunderstraat-Monfortlaan

Residents of narrow and winding streets are explicitly asked to park their cars in the driveway so they can pass. If you do not have a lane, we ask that you park all cars on one side of the road, leaving the road at least three meters wide. This way there is enough space for the granules. If there is not enough space for gravel machines, gravel services will not be able to grind certain roads.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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