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Meta is Facebook’s new company name – Games – News

Mark Zuckerberg announces the name change of Facebook. From now on, this will be called the Meta, which means that he wants to focus on developing the “metaverse”. All apps in the wallet will keep their names, including Facebook.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at a Facebook Connect event, outlining the company’s vision for the future and announcing new products. announce it dead, the former Facebook, that it is working on the “next evolution of the Internet”, the so-called metaverse.

The social network Facebook will keep this name. Instagram and WhatsApp names will not change either. Meta is the new generic name for the company, formerly Facebook. This is similar to What Google did in 2015; When she announced a new corporate structure and joined parent company Alphabet.

Meta is working on the ‘metaverse’ in various steps and will focus on, among other things, a virtual home environment, a virtual work environment, the creation of customizable avatars, which should also become photo-realistic in the future, VR and AR games, education and fitness applications physical.

Facebook’s core corporate structure will not change, according to CEO Zuckerberg. In the company’s upcoming quarterly results, Meta will differentiate its apps from other “Reality Labs” activities that fit within the broader Metaverse story. There will also be a new acronym for Stock Exchange, MVRS.

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