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Meta is suing a clone site that copied 350,000 Instagram profiles

Meta is suing a clone site that copied 350,000 Instagram profiles

Mita has taken a man to court after he posted Instagram messages from 350,000 people on a cloning site.

Then he displayed this cloned data (photos and videos of Instagram users) on his own website (clone site), without permission. On the about page Facebook has informed Facebook of the steps it is taking to challenge cloned sites.

Reportedly, the offender is no stranger to Meta. It is said that the parent company of Facebook and Instagram has had to work continuously since the beginning of last year against the perpetrator, who has been repeatedly banned from the platforms. In a letter he was asked to stop his illegal activities.

MyStalk clone site

“MyStalk”, this is the name under which the perpetrator shamelessly exploited his cloning site. There, the guy did nothing but post posts on Instagram, without the owners noticing, let alone giving their permission.

Meta argues that these cloning sites are often used to deceive people and undermine the credibility of the platforms where the content comes from. The social media company said it had already discovered more than 100 cloning sites in the first half of 2021.

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