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Metaverse Lost Over $10 Billion So Far This Year – IT – News

I think so too, if you look at niche companies and what they do. I was hoping that mainstream headphones now were roughly on par with the Apple Vision Pro in terms of quality (dual 4K displays and such).

With so much money per year, it should simply be possible to achieve much better quality in terms of hardware (headsets) and software (see where VRChat is now with a 1000x lower budget). Now I have to say that you can build world experiences in Meta Horizons and in VRChat, you have to do it in Unity, which is a big difference for beginners.

However, this doesn’t seem to make any difference in the number of people creating content because VRChat is really crowded, and in VRChat the visual quality is much higher. Horizons are very rubbery tiles which makes everything quite boring and “plastic”.

I think that in such an organization it is much more expensive to conduct development. You also see it in action. People like to think like a “startup”, but as soon as you really want to do something, all the idiots come up with their rules and policies and then everything slows down to a crawl again.

For example, if I want to try out a new open source tool at work in Docker, I spend 10 minutes installing Docker and (literally!) half a day figuring out how to get it online via our Man in the Middle agent. By injecting settings and certificates. We also use a third party IDP (Identity Provider) which then needs to see the client certificate to grant access to the internet blah blah blah. Please note that this is a truly protected security testing lab and you cannot enter the office or production environment from there.

The work of entire teams of my colleagues is just about making the work of other colleagues more difficult. This is a really big problem in organizations of this size. After 10 minutes, someone at the startup checked whether this potential tool was worth it. With us it takes half a day (if not a full day, then in total). This way you can’t switch quickly.

Now I understand the purpose of all these rules, but a lot of them come from a very traditional line of thought. There is still a lot of attention paid to network security (if you are connected to the network, you are automatically “trusted”). This is simply no longer possible in 2023, when everyone is working from home half the time or hanging out in an obscure coffee shop over WiFi. Google actually took care of this 10 years ago with “BeyondCorp“And zero trust technologies but we still operate as if we are in 1998 :Z

Half of our security processes are “because they’ve always worked that way” and are more of a burden than they really add anything. I myself work in the security field… Unfortunately, convincing our senior management is difficult. Especially since most of them are quite dinosaurs.

Well, long story, but I definitely see how Meta could burn a lot of money and spend very little, that was my point. I see the same thing every day in my work.

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