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Michael Caine (88) returns to his intention to quit...

Michael Caine (88) returns to his intention to quit…

British actor Michael Caine won’t stop acting after all. He said on a BBC radio program on Saturday that the “bestselling” movie shown last month in the US and Canada was the last. Later that same day, he announced that he would not be retiring after all.

The 88-year-old British icon told the BBC he made the decision to give up acting because roles were not something he would brag about for someone his age and his health was poor. ‘I have problems with my spine and it extends to my legs. I can’t walk well because of it.’

Kane’s interview with the BBC came about his role in Best Sellers, which he “probably” called his last role in the movie. In the movie, Cain also plays an angry author who reluctantly goes on tour.

From actor to author

The British actor is not going to disappear from the public stage anyway. He wants to remain active as a writer for a while, having written his memoirs, among other things.

I have written a number of successful books. So I no longer see myself as an actor but as an author. This is great because as an actor you have to get up at 5:30 in the morning and go to the studio, but as a writer you can start without getting out of bed.

There is only one person Michael Caine wants to make an exception: the British director Christopher Nolan, both of them Dunkirk (2017) as tenet (2020), should definitely invite him for a small role. Ken and Nolan have a special bond. The actor has played in every Nolan movie since 2005.

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Michael Caine has had a career spanning more than sixty years. He won an Academy Award twice: in 1986 for Best Supporting Actor for Hannah and Her Sisters, and the second in 1999 for The Cider House Rules. He has been an Officer of the Order of the British Empire since 2000.