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Michael Davy: “I mourn with a broken heart the loss of a beautiful boat and a dream with her.”

The participant in the Golden Globe race, which starts in September 2022, is on the rocks in Tasman Bay, New Zealand, and he has to leave.

On November 6, Michael Davy announced via Facebook that he was withdrawing from the 2022 Golden Globe race, with his boat Dreamcatcher sinking at sea during a qualifying voyage to participate in the Golden Globe race. At Tasman Bay, the ship crashed into rocks during a storm.

Michael Davy: “I am deeply saddened to learn that the Dreamcatcher was tossed on a cliff in Tasman Bay after completing a lonely voyage alone on the North Island of New Zealand as part of a qualifying tour for the Golden Globe race. Just before midnight, last Monday, during the storm.

Hopes of a possible rescue were soon lost when she was torn to pieces by the ship’s continuous throbbing at breakers from the high seas.

I consider myself very lucky to have escaped unharmed physically. This is due to the professionalism and dedication of the Heli-Rescue and Coast Guard. Men and women who are willing to consider rescuing at sea, despite the treacherous circumstances, if the air evacuation fails.

Therefore, it is with great sadness that we withdrew from participating in the Golden Globe Race 2022. ”

The dreamer of the best times

Over de Golden Globe Race
GGR wants to return to the golden age of private sailing: 30,000 miles without interruption, alone, without outside help. The new Golden Globe Race was held to mark the 50th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s historic world of 1968/9 circling non-stop in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race. Beginning in Falmouth on June 14, 1968, the first GGR was held, similar to the original Sunday Times event.

The current Golden Globe racing is simple: Depart from Les Sables-d’Olonne, France on September 4, 2022, travel around the world alone without stopping through the Five Great Caps and return to Les Sables-d’Olonne.

Competitors can only travel with boats and equipment similar to what Sir Robin had in that first race. That means they have to travel without the help of modern technology or satellite navigation. Entrants must travel in production boats between 32 feet and 36 feet (9.75 – 10.97 m), designed in 1988, with a full-length hinge and rudder attached at the rear. These boats are very structured, strong and sturdy, like Sir Robin’s 32-foot ship Suhaili.

Unlike today’s professional world of elite sea racing, this edition travels to what is known as the ‘golden age’ of individual sailing. Suhaili is a slow, solid 32-foot double-edged ketchup based on the William Atkins ERIC design. Largely built of teak wood, she had no computers, GPS, satellite phone or watermaker, and Robin completed the challenge without outside assistance or using modern weather advice from the shore. He only had a barometer and a paragraph to face the world alone, and he caught the rainwater to survive. But he was with the sea and was able to think and absorb all that this epic journey had to offer.

Participants in this 2022 race will again travel in simple boats and use simple equipment to ensure a satisfying and personalized experience. Adventure is more important than success at any cost, the challenge is pure and very green. As it was for Sir Robin, for the ‘brave’. They navigate through a sextant on paper charts without electronic tools or automated pilots. They write their records by hand and determine the weather themselves. Only occasionally do they talk to their loved ones and the outside world, when long-distance, high-frequency radios allow. It is now possible to race alone around the world with a monohoul within 80 days, but the sailors participating in this race will stay at sea for about 250 days in small boats, challenging each other.

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The 2022 Golden Globe Race will again be a fitting tribute to the first edition, and on this occasion will highlight the exploits of French hero Bernard Moitzer and his Joshua.