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Microsoft appears to be blocking the workaround to use Windows 11 without an account – Computer – News

The article literally states that “OOBE/BYPASSNRO” still works, which is great that you tested it yourself :)

In my opinion, it’s a very smart, but also deceptive, move on Microsoft’s part.

It’s clear where Microsoft wants to go; The revenue model exists in the SaaS model and the changes over time are proof of that. In this regard, the distance between private and commercial use seems to be converging in more and more areas.

The smart part is offering an all-in-one package via a SaaS model that automatically changes over time.
The tricky part is that most users have an aversion to big changes;
The treatment is to open your wallet or quit smoking. It is questionable which choice most users will make.

There is something to be said for both sides of the knife;
To the private user, these changes seem incomprehensible; Something that once worked well is now unnecessarily difficult and sometimes, or ultimately, impossible.
For enterprise environments, recurring and generally higher licensing costs will be a deterrent.

Eventually, for most people, they will realize that “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and you will also see the benefits and eventually start to see this as the new normal. It’s no coincidence that it’s one of the most popular and streamlined environments, if not the most popular.

And let’s just say that most of us engage in just this; Your Google account, Spotify, Facebook, WhatsApp, X, Netflix, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, OpenAI, etc.

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