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Microsoft: Hacker group behind SolarWinds is still active – IT Pro – News

The Russian group behind the SolarWinds hack, among other things, has continued to carry out cyber attacks in recent months, Microsoft reports based on its own research. Nobelium infects IT companies in the supply chain with malware or ransomware.

Microsoft mentioned It has noticed coordinated cyber attacks on dozens of companies since May. The company concluded that at least 140 “technology service providers and vendors” were targeted, 14 of whom were “hacked”. Microsoft attributes the attacks to Nobelium, the hacker group that has been said to have carried out such attacks in the past, the largest of which was the SolarWinds hack late last year.

Microsoft said 609 of those companies’ customers were attacked by Noblemium 22,868 times between July 1 and October 17. Its success rate is said to be “somewhere low in the single digits”. The number of Nobellium attacks in this period is greater than what Microsoft has seen in the past three years. According to Microsoft, the attacks are an indication that Russia is “systematically trying to reach many points in the technology supply chain in the long term.” For example, the group is trying to create a mechanism to spy on targets of interest to the Russian government, the tech company says.

According to Microsoft, hackers will not use a weakness in the software, but simpler methods such as password spraying and phishing. This will allow them to steal your login details. According to Microsoft, attacks can only be prevented through close cooperation between governments in the US and Europe to set stricter cybersecurity standards, making companies less easily hacked.

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Nobelium hacker group will be the software company in 2020 SolarWinds . hacked. Across the supply chain, it would infect customers with malware. According to the US government, the hack No less than a hundred companies Nine governments. Earlier this year, Kaseya software company victim too for similar attacks. However, this breakthrough was Claimed by REvilNot by Nobelium. end of may Microsoft mentioned Even if you spot multiple cyber attacks on Noblem in a short period of time. Then more than 150 companies participated.