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Microsoft improves malware protection in Windows 11

Microsoft improves malware protection in Windows 11

A major update for Windows 11 will be available in the second half of this year. 22H2, codenamed Sun Valley 2, and it will contain a large number of improvements and additions that will make the operating system more user-friendly, provide more capabilities and become more secure.

Version 22567 includes a new security tool that you can find in Windows Settings. This feature is called Smart App Control and is meant to provide significantly better protection against malware. To keep your computer safe, it will also provide protection against unwanted applications.

Unwanted applications are applications that slow down your computer, display ads, or change your search engine settings.

Unwanted and untrusted applications is of course a subjective term. To distinguish apps in this way, Microsoft says it has developed its own solution.

As of Windows 11 22H2, Smart App Control will check the digital signature of apps and determine if it is valid.

Trusted app developers build apps according to the rules and ensure optimum security and a valid digital certificate for identity verification. If it is valid, then the application will be fine.

If not, Smart App Control contacts Microsoft Defender to determine next steps. Defender can perform an additional check to determine if the application can be trusted. If so, Smart App Control will either lift the restrictions or if Defender advises otherwise, it will continue to block the app and indicate that the app cannot be trusted.

Microsoft is still testing smart app control and not all testers have access to it yet. If you have it and activate it, it will first determine if the applications on your computer are suitable. Then it will be activated

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