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Microsoft Leaves OpenAI Board, Apple Will No Longer Join – IT Pro – News

Microsoft has announced that it is giving up its seat on OpenAI’s board. The company says the seat is no longer needed. Apple will also get one, but it won’t use it, according to Financial Times sources.

With that seat, Microsoft had no voting rights, but the company gained more insight into how decisions are made at OpenAI. The company now says According to Reuters That seat is no longer necessary, because there is now “trust” in OpenAI. Microsoft points to collaboration with other companies, “innovations,” and OpenAI’s growing customer base.

OpenAI also plans to schedule meetings with partners like Microsoft and Apple in the future to update them on plans and changes within the company. According to Bloomberg, Apple also plans to take a seat on OpenAI’s board of directors, but It wouldn’t do that anyway, according to Financial Times sources.No explanation was given for this.

Microsoft joined OpenAI’s board late last year, just as CEO Sam Altman returned after an earlier resignation. Amid the turmoil, Microsoft wanted to gain more insight into the operations of the AI ​​company, in which Microsoft has invested heavily and collaborates extensively.

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