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Microsoft puts photo editing options in OneDrive – tablets and phones – news

Microsoft OneDrive gets options for editing photos and organizing photos. Until now, users could upload photos automatically, but they couldn’t edit them yet. OneDrive also gets the functionality to view photos across Cast-enabled devices.

OneDrive will have options to adjust exposure, contrast and shadows of the images, but also rotate and crop are possible, Microsoft says. It is also possible to overwrite the original file after editing or save the edited image as a new file.

When uploading, there is an option to organize the photos according to the folders they come from. When users back up the Screenshots folder, with this option enabled, its contents will appear in the OneDrive Screenshots folder. There will also be a function to send photos via OneDrive to a Chromecast or Cast-enabled device.

The feature is in OneDrive 6.30 or later for Android and on the web. Microsoft says support for iOS devices will follow later this year. Features are rolling out first for personal accounts, and work accounts will follow later this summer.

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