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Microsoft released Nordics update for Flight Simulator – Games – News

Microsoft is adding Nordic countries to Flight Simulator in a free update. This makes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden more detailed in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

Update Available instantly on PC. While Scandinavia can already be transported in Flight Simulator, World Updates are adding more detail to specific regions. Earlier this year, Benelux It already has a similar update, showing major cities, landmarks and airports in more detail in the game.

Nordics Flight Simulator update focused on major cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm. Known relics are also clearly visible in the game when you fly over them in good weather, such as the Lego House in Denmark or the Arctic Cathedral in the upper part of Norway.

The developers also reviewed and developed 100 airports and added a total of 78 special places to the simulator. Think castles, churches, stadiums, and other amazing buildings.

Microsoft announced last week the DLC for the first time. According to the company, players can expect more of these expansions.

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