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'Mini Phones' appear in prison: Found by private phone dogs كل

‘Mini Phones’ appear in prison: Found by private phone dogs كل

Inmates are only allowed to use the prison phone in the prison. The conversations they have on this phone can be saved and monitored. This is why cell phones are regularly smuggled into prison. In order to find this type of contraband, the Correctional Institutions Agency regularly conducts “combing campaigns” (searches, editor).

DJI’s Robert Meijer explains: “We regularly run these kinds of promotions. And then we didn’t advertise beforehand, for example, we’re looking at ten cells at the same time.” “Prisoners don’t have time to hide things or clean the toilet.” During an operation at Sittard Prison last week, several phones were found this way.

“Of course we try to keep these little phones off the wall. But they get shot off the wall with tennis balls, for example, or smuggled through visitors.”

‘Hard to find’

Once you enter the phones, they are hard to find. “It’s so small and contains so few minerals that it’s hard for us to find. We have devices that allow us to pick up cell phone signals, but when those phones are turned off, they’re hard to find.”

Fortunately, an effective tool has been found in this cat-and-mouse game among the prisoners and their guards: the telephone dog. “Thanks to our dog team, we’ve been able to find many phones. Dogs smell a certain component in the phone. We find something on a regular basis. It’s being used nationally, at various key points.”