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Minister Verlinden will be with KBVB and Pro League tomorrow: 'I want a clear signal' |  Jupiler Pro League

Minister Verlinden will be with KBVB and Pro League tomorrow: ‘I want a clear signal’ | Jupiler Pro League

In a statement speaking of “hallucinogenic events”, Minister Verlinden once again reminded the Pro League and clubs of their responsibility to ban the dangerous use of fireworks in football stadiums.

“Last weekend’s events in various football stadiums are very dangerous and totally reprehensible. The safety of fans, players and hosts is being endangered by a few, under the guise of experiencing the atmosphere,” the minister said.

“I once again call on the professional league and clubs to take action and stop this behaviour.”

At the end of October, the Minister held consultations with the various 1A clubs. Last week it was the turn of the fan club representatives. Pro League and KBVB also sat around the table during the two moments of counseling.

Combating the dangerous use of fireworks in and around stadiums was on the agenda, with all participants expressing their willingness to put an end to the dangerous behavior of some fans.

After a few days, things were going well again. “The misbehavior of a number of fans is a disgrace to the reputation of Belgian football,” the statement read. Tomorrow the Pro League and KBVB will provide a transcript and explanation of FPS internal affairs.

The Minister expects an unambiguous signal and clear actions that will also be enforced by the clubs.

Later this week, a meeting is also scheduled with the heads of police districts that have a stadium for a team of 1A or 1B on their territory. Everyone must come together to stop the fireworks and unacceptable behaviour.

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In addition to fireworks, there is also an obligation to wear a mouth mask on football fields. The Minister once again asks fans to strictly adhere to Covid measures and clubs to monitor this. Because some do not do what is strictly ordered on Friday.

The press release concluded that “football must remain a party and the clubs and the professional league must ensure this.”