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Misconceptions about proteins: “Important not only for athletes”


The average Dutch person knows little about proteins. 94% do not know or are barely aware of the recommended amount a person needs daily, according to recent research conducted by research agency Verian on behalf of Optimel. While nutrients make an important contribution to maintaining bones and muscles.

That’s troubling, says Nancy T. Hoven, R.D., a nutritionist at Health & Co. “There are many misconceptions about proteins and what exactly they are. I hear people say that they really eat eggs. But that’s not the same,” she explains.

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wrong concepts

So what are they? Te Hoven: “Proteins are building materials involved, among other things, in muscle building and recovery. So you need them to maintain or increase your muscle mass. This applies to everyone: even if you don’t exercise, you use your muscles. Even when you lie flat “Your muscles remain active. Your heart is a muscle after all. A lot of people don’t think about that.”

How do you get your daily dose? “A protein shake isn’t really necessary,” Tee Hoven urges. “You can get most of the protein your body needs from a meal. From meat, fish, dairy products, legumes, tofu or tempeh. What doesn’t work is taking too much at one time.” Your body can’t process it all at once. Your muscles are busy all day, and they need energy all day long.

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