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Misinformation continues to divide America: ‘It will get worse before it gets better’

Time heals wounds, but also the wounds of democracy? Was at the forefront New York Times On the eve of the first anniversary of the Washington, D.C. Capitol riots, he warned its readers to be vigilant: “Every day now is January 6”.

Exactly one year after the catastrophe of several thousand angry Trump supporters and the unfortunate tragedy of five people, the United States is still licking its wounds. Strong Polarization, Misinformation Inside Plot Are still an integral part of the American social structure. A special committee must now find out where things could go wrong on January 6, who was responsible, and what influence then-President Donald Trump had. But that research also creates friction.

Trump will usually hold an extended press conference from his home in Mar-e-Lago last Thursday, but canceled it due to “pro-group, two failed Republicans and fake media.” The reaction within the Republican Party was divisive. A relief to the moderates, a disappointment to those who still believe the elections were rigged.

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