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Mobile data consumed?  This way you avoid a lively bill after you exceed your data limit |  MyGuide

Mobile data consumed? This way you avoid a lively bill after you exceed your data limit | MyGuide

My TelcoThose who compare mobile subscriptions usually do so based on calling, texting, and mobile data costs. There are significant differences between operators, especially for mobile Internet. But which trigger is most useful if you exceed your monthly data limit? Provides an overview.

Written by Felix Feret, in collaboration with MijnTelco

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One factor is not the other. This applies not only to the mobile data range, but also to what you pay when you exceed the data limit of your subscription. If you have carefully chosen your subscription, this rarely happens. Your subscription is then tailored to your consumer profile. But what better situation if not – and you’re still over your subscription limit?

Which mobile subscription suits you best? These are the points of interest.

10 cents per megabyte

If we take a look at the traditional and larger operators in Flanders, it is immediately clear that Telenet, Proximus and Orange apply the same rate for mobile data consumption outside your package. You pay 10 cents for every megabyte of mobile data you use outside of your plan. But even though they charge the same rates for consumption outside of your mobile package, the operators are still different from each other.

advice: Keep track of the best formula for your consumption? Check here the providers that have the best prices for Average usage of up to 5 GB of data And the High consumption with at least 20 GB of data.

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Affordable packages

Mobile Vikings and VOO, which only operate in French-speaking Belgium, charge 10 cents for each megabyte of mobile data you use outside of your subscription. Although they also offer interesting packages for consumption outside of your bundle. This way you can continue browsing on Mobile Vikings at the same speed. Those with a subscription of 50 GB of mobile data can do so for free. In this case, the speed will be 512 kbps.

VOO also uses a browsing speed as low as 512 kbps. If you want extra data to block the end of the month, you can get 2GB of mobile data with SOS Data for 5€.

Prize Champions

But where do you pay the least for your mobile internet use outside of your package? In this comparison, BASE comes out as the winner. You only pay 0.13 cents for every megabyte you use outside of your package and continue browsing at the same speed. The low-cost operator edpnet also offers a competitive rate of 0.36 cents per megabyte.

New telecom operator Hey! It charges a rate of 1 cent for each additional megabyte. Even if you’re an affiliate of Scarlet or YouFone, you don’t have to worry about a pepper bill when you run out of data. You pay 5 cents for each additional megabyte while you continue browsing at the same speed.

pays to compare

Do you want to know the best formula for your needs? The MyTelco مقارنة comparison Compares rates of all service providers.

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