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More art in public in Arnhem

More art in public in Arnhem

The 2021-2024 implementation plan describes what a file Arnhem Municipality You will do in the field of art and culture in public places. The plan was approved today by the Arnhem Municipal Executive. A lot is already being done downtown, it’s time to go to the neighborhoods abroad. Because every Arnhem should be able to enjoy art in the city.

Art contributes to the quality of the living environment

Art can make a significant contribution to how the quality of an individual’s living environment is experienced. The public space in the neighborhood can be decorated with art. The public space is decorated with artwork and murals as well as electrical boxes in an attractive design. The municipality thinks this is important because art is made by and for everyone.

in public places

The municipality wants everyone to be able to enjoy art in public spaces. For this reason, the municipality encourages technical initiatives outside the center. The focus is on places that are tested as socially unsafe or disturbing. The municipality hopes to improve the quality of life in such places through art. To do that,
We also considered the possibility of combining this with adding/improving greenery.

creative city

Kathleen Bokamp, ​​Alderman Culture, keeps up with the implementation plan: “Arnhem is a creative city. We believe that everyone in Arnhem should be able to experience it. Public space belongs to everyone and is therefore an excellent place to do so. Art and makers are very valuable to our city. Through these The plan, we as a municipality will again actively commission artists and makers. In addition to beautifying the city, this also improves the man-made climate in the city.”

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