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More people are suffering from the skin condition scabies

Statement should not be given in the short term, and longer observation is necessary

In recent years, there has been a slowly increasing trend of scabies infection. In 2014, there were still 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This increased to 210 cases in 2019 and 260 cases in 2020. This is what Nevel noted based on annual figures for disturbances kept as part of Nivel’s primary care records.

In addition to these annual numbers, which show the slowly increasing trend, we are constantly tracking the type of conditions people come to see their GP. Based on this observation, we note that in recent weeks there has been a significant increase in the number of people who visited the GP due to scabies.

Weekly numbers and annual numbers
Principal researcher and project leader Nivel-Surveillance Mariëtte Hooiveld stresses that weekly numbers from different weeks cannot simply be added together. “In the weekly numbers, we count the number of people who visited their GP each week. If people visit their GP in two consecutive weeks, they count in both weeks, but it’s still the same health issue. Count how many GP visits are there because of a condition, but How many people have this condition.” Current weekly figures show that the number of people who have visited a GP because of scabies is suddenly much higher than usual.

Statement should not be given in the short term, and longer observation is necessary
The Nivel indicator cannot explain the short-term rally indicated by the latest weekly numbers. Neville has a signaling role in this matter and does not immediately investigate the matter. Should the trend continue, more research will definitely be needed.

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