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More space for fresh in Decamarket

More space for fresh in Decamarket

07-07-2021 11:27

KOOG AAN DE ZAAN – Anyone passing through our area will notice that many supermarkets are adapting their branch and often with a comprehensive renovation of their premises. In the past period, for example, there was a lot of construction going on at the Dekamarkt in Molenwerf. This is now over.

It was marked by the moment supermarket manager Patrick Jessen opened the doors of the renovated DekaMarkt store in Molenwerf in Koog aan de Zaan early this morning. By adding the space of the previous hairdresser, more square meters become available for fresh. Nearly 1,400 new items have been added to the range. Even more options!

Supermarket manager Patrick Jessen proudly looks around: “It turns out beautiful. The extra meters give the hairdresser more room to freshen up. As of today, we burn fresh nuts in the store ourselves. The smell greets you from afar. The range of very fresh meals has also been expanded. This gives you more More options if you don’t want to cook.More space has been made for the fruit and vegetable section and the cheese section as well as the baking section and additional products.In short, there are plenty of options.My colleagues and I are ready for each customer with tips or advice, so they can put surprisingly delicious dishes on the table . see you soon!”

The renovated supermarket is open seven days a week and parking is free.