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More space for the sun

More space for the sun

Only a little bit of the promised sunshine came in last week. Because there wasn’t any wind, the mist hadn’t faded or just barely melted.

To be able to enjoy the sun you had to drive to Walcheren, because the sun was completely there. Let’s take a look at how stress zones compare to each other over the course of the week. East of England is a high pressure area and eastern Finland is low. As usual, our country lies on the interface between these two regions. During the afternoon on Wednesday, a small area of ​​rain moved over our country from which some rain fell. Because the area of ​​high pressure moved to the northeast on Thursday, it gained ground. Look at the air pressure numbers in the table above. Temperatures will rise again towards the end of the week, and unfortunately the high pressure area will not stay in place. The core of the high pressure zone that was above our country is slowly moving southeast and melting over southeastern Europe. After the high pressure area, we naturally have to deal with the low pressure area again. But the heart of this region is still above Greenland, whose foothills lie off northwest Scotland. But then first enjoy the warm sea air, which is still due to the receding of the high pressure zone.

Sunken land is good for geese, but bad for peasants.