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More than two years after the disappearance, the autistic boy was found in the United States: “lived on the street for two weeks.”

© Summit County Police

More than two years after his parents’ home in Clear Lake went missing without a trace, an autistic young man was found alive 1,300 kilometers from his hometown. He had been living on the streets for at least two weeks, according to local police.

Conorjack Oswald was 17 years old when he went missing on September 28, 2019 from his parents’ home in Clearlake, California. On Saturday, the depressed teenager was arrested while sleeping outside a store in Summit County, Utah, 1,300 kilometers away. Oswald, now 19, was shivering in the cold. According to local police, he appears to have been living on the street for at least two weeks. When officers took his fingerprint, it was revealed he was a missing teenager.

His parents say his family has been searching for Oswald since he went missing Sky News“I never stop watching,” says mother Susan Flint. “One day I was never looking for him in any way.” According to his partner stepmother Gerald Flint, the search was “a dream come true.” “We followed every tip that seemed even the slightest to him.”

It is unknown at this time what he did to cause the fire.

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