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More young heroes can be seen in the MediaDrome due to the extra space

More young heroes can be seen in the MediaDrome due to the extra space

The MediaDrome Nijmegen will have a second space in the Molenpoort Shopping Centre. Paul van den Heuvel has been collecting items from childhood heroes like Pokémon, Sesame Street and Donald Duck for over 25 years, and with that extra space he can display even more items.

Van den Heuvel started his first museum in Dieren 25 years ago. He did it at that time under the name “TV Games”. The museum closed in 2008 and by many detours it ended up in Mollenport.

lack of space

There are currently about 5,000 items in the museum, which is only 1 percent of the entire Van den Heuvel collection. To display more items, a second museum will be built in the shopping center.

Although the new space contains 1,000 square metres, Van den Heuvel cannot store all of his belongings here either. “We can never show it all, but that’s okay. We want to change regularly, so that it will be interesting for people to come back every time.”

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Suitable for young people

More and more young people are watching streaming services like Netflix and YouTube instead of linear TV. Despite this development, Van den Heuvel is convinced that the MediaDrome Museum is also suitable for the younger generation. “Pokemon, for example, has been around for 25 years. Disney of course doesn’t stand idly by with all the new Marvel and Disney movies. There are always new movies and therefore new items too.”

Van den Heuvel would like to expand his collection with merchandise from YouTubers, but according to him, the collection is smaller than that of films and TV series. But if he comes his way, he’s open to it.

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MediaDrome is looking for volunteers who can help, among other things, in furnishing the museum. More information can be found on the museum’s website.