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Morocco will receive nearly two million doses of the H24info, Pfizer and Sinopharm vaccines

Morocco will receive nearly two million doses of the H24info, Pfizer and Sinopharm vaccines

On Saturday, the Kingdom received nearly two million doses of the Chinese vaccine from Pfizer / Bioantek and Sinepharm.

Several media reported that this request relates to more than 950,000 doses of vaccine from Pfizer and one million doses of Sinopharm, noting that the doses have already been shipped to Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca this morning.

Doctor. Moulay Said Afif, a member of the Scientific and Technical Committee for Vaccination against Covid, explained that the doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be allocated to children between 12 and 17 years old, whose vaccination will begin “very soon.”

Our interlocutor stressed that “the starting point will be given in the coming days,” and stressed the importance of vaccinating young people “who are also in intensive care.” He emphasized that “by vaccinating them, we can achieve herd immunity, especially to make sure that we return in the best conditions.”

Doctor. Afif explained that “vaccination cannot start until the logistical component is not fully linked,” noting that “three ministries, namely the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, are studying this.”

Moulay Said Afif indicated that the Kingdom has all the technical means to make this campaign a success with this vaccine, and that health workers have been trained.

In addition, Moulay Afif explained, the Pfizer vaccine is reserved for the age group from 12 to 17 years, due to the presence of scientific studies on this vaccine, unlike the Chinese vaccine. He explained that pending the results of Chinese vaccine studies on the youngest, they will be given the American-German vaccine.

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Note that as of Saturday, August 21, 1,7261,839 people have already benefited from the vaccine in Morocco and 12,874,716 people have already received their second dose.