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Mozilla launches separate beta version of Firefox with vertical tabs – Computer – News

This is what I wrote ;)

As a long-time Opera user, I also made the “day one” switch to the new browser from Jon S von Tetzchner (DuckDuckGo, but I used it for spelling, but I still know the name). :X), so Vivaldi. But for some reason I didn't really like it. Especially in the beginning, it was also (terribly) buggy (because the former Opera employees who brought it in couldn't handle Chromium as a new development platform?). Now I mainly use it as a “normal” browser at work (and Firefox for development only) and it works fine. But (privately) I'll mainly stick with Firefox for now (I switched several years ago).

What's even more surprising is that Firefox/Gecko was of course the only standalone browser for many years that still did something about the “free” web. In the past, websites were built, tested, and used only in IE, allowing MS to determine how the web worked. Meanwhile, this is Google, with Chromium and all the browsers derived with Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, Brave, etc. And Chromium with the Blink rendering engine, Blink is of course a fork of Safari's WebKit (which is a fork of KDE's Khtml :s).

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